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Bubble Shooter Adventures Review

Bubble Shooter Adventures Review Graham

Summary: Very poor bubble shooter, with mediocre graphics, awful sound, and gameplay that becomes more frustrating than addictive


Bubble Shooter Adventures is one of those games where you fire bubbles, one at a time, up the screen to try and connect them with two or more bubbles of the same colour.   Matched bubbles pop, dropping any bubbles below them.  That’s about it, but the best in the genre can be addictive as anything, rewarding skillful aiming with a satisfyingly large drop of bubbles.

Bubble Shooter Adventures is not the best in the genre.  In fails to do anything new at all, and if you’ve played any similar game before, then just skip this one.

There are 252 levels in total, and I played it as long as I could before giving up in frustration.  During that time not even the background image, or the music, changed.  It is just level after level of incredibly samey uninterrupted bubble popping.

There’s not even a map or some screen where you can see your progress – and there’s no way of starting again once you’ve reached the end, bizarrely (though I appreciate this complaint is along the lines of “the food was awful – and such small portions”).

The difficulty level is all over the place. You’ll spend ten minutes clearing one tricky stage then the next will be one like this with just three colours, which will take seconds to complete.

The music is this really horrendous muzak, and the prominence of the ‘disable music’ button on the screen suggests the developers knew precisely how bad it was.

The background image is – fine.  Given that it’s the only one you see, it would have been nice if a bit more effort had gone into it.

But the real annoyance, the thing that really had me yelling at the screen, is the gameplay itself.  The popping itself is fine, with the ability to aim anywhere on the screen, and occasional satisfying moments as you pull off a particularly tricky shot.  But the end of the level?

Oh god, the end.

A row of bubbles will appear at the top after every few bubbles you fire.  The colours of those bubbles depends on what’s left on the screen: if you have red and blue left on the screen, and a yellow ready to fire, those are the three colours that will appear.

It’s pretty standard for the bubble shooter game genre.  But what I don’t remember from other similar games is almost every – single – level – of Bubble Shooter Adventures degenerating into a relentlessly dull battle of attrition as you war to clear the last few colours.

Just cleared that last pocket of reds?  Can just about guarantee that the game will give you a red to fire, one turn before a new row descends – which will of course then contain reds.  Or maybe you’ve got only two yellows left on the screen to clear?  Yep, you’re definitely going to get seven greens in a row.

It’s so pointless: by this stage the level has been won, there’s no possible way to lose – but you have to keep going until every last bubble is wiped up.

Maybe it sounds minor, but the point of these games is to be fairly relaxing, addictive ways to lose yourself in the zone for a while.  While I found the game addictive initially, this grating annoyance just ground me down and completely undermined the very purpose of playing.

I really can’t recommend Bubble Shooter Adventures, at all.

Have a recommendation for a better bubble shooter game?  Let me know in the comments below.

I played this using, who have generously provided me with a free access to their service. At $10 per month for unlimited access to all their games, it's genuinely a great deal. Plus you get a one hour demo of all of their games for free.

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